Provisional Term Dates for 2018 – 2019

(these are subject to change)

Term 1
8th October 2018 – 20th December 2018 (potentially longer)

Term 2
7th January 2019 – 16th March 2019

Term 3
8th April 2019 – 15th June 2019

Term 4
8th July 2019 – 15th September 2019

Provisional Term Dates for 2019 – 2020

(these are subject to change)

Term 1
7th October 2019 – 20th December 2019 (potentially longer)

Term 2
6th January 2020 – 14th March 2020

Term 3
6th April 2020 – 13th June 2020

Term 4
6th July 2020 – 13th September 2020

Provisional Term Dates for 2020 – 2021

(these are subject to change)

Term 1
5th October 2020 – 18th December 2020 (potentially longer)

Term 2
4th January 2021 – 13th March 2021

Term 3
5th April 2021 – 12th June 2021

Term 4
5th July 2021 – 12th September 2021

The June Musical

Calamity Jane

We are delighted to welcome you aboard the ‘Deadwood Stage’ via the ‘Black Hills Of Dakota’, as The MTA produces this classic old school musical. Will Jane reveal her ‘Secret Love’? You’ll have to book your ticket to find out. Directed by Derek Bond and choreographed by Lucie Pankhurst, with our Associate Designer, Stewart J Charlesworth back to create some gingham magic

Industry tickets available directly from the college, all other tickets to be purchased from The Bridewell

The September Musical

The Sunshine Gang

Book by Nick Stimson, Music and Lyrics by Annemarie Lewis Thomas

The MTA is proud to produce the revival of our 2012 commissioned musical comedy, The Sunshine Gang. Everybody has a secret, and when an ENSA group attempt to put on a show, hilarity ensues as those secrets tumble out one by one. Theatre is very often, a facade.  Full of pastiche songs, this is guaranteed to make you chuckle, whilst pull on your heartstrings in equal measure. War is never easy for anyone.


Directed by Simon Greiff
Designed by Stewart J Charlesworth

Unlike all other UK college our students do a public performance at the end of every term.
The schedule for these performances are as follows:

2nd years perform a pantomime, whilst the 1st years make their debut in a play.

The entire college come together for our annual Musical Theatre Revue (this is the first opportunity for 2nd years to accept agent representation). The show is devised around our graduating year group.

The entire college come together to perform a musical (the lead roles will be played by those 2nd year students still seeking representation)

The 1st years will perform an original musical, commissioned by the college, whilst the 2nd years complete the course with an industry focussed acting showcase and a musical theatre showcase.

The final date of our academic year is also the date of our unique Gradunion…our annual graduation ceremony combined with our annual reunion of all MTA Ambassadors…because The MTA truly is – A College For Life!