Our Whole Day Audition

The MTA is a vocational course for aspiring professional performers. Due to the intensive nature of the course entry will only be permitted for those people 17 and over in September on the year of entry. In exceptional circumstances we might consider someone over 16. There is no upper age limit at The MTA. Entry to the course is determined by audition only. The MTA offers written feedback to EVERY applicant on your audition day. Please note that any feedback given is purely a subjective opinion based on your performance on the audition day.

The audition day is an opportunity for you to see how we would intend to work with you, as well as giving us an idea if you would fit into The MTA and it is for this reason that ALL applicants will be required to attend an audition day (even those from overseas)

You will spend the day with us, working with various staff members.

The day will consist of:

  • Welcome & Introduction
  • Physical warm up
  • A dance class
  • A Voice workshop
  • An Acting workshop
  • Vocal warm up
  • Individual monologue and song auditions
  • Interviews with the senior faculty
  • Q & A Session with the Principal
  • As The MTA is an intensive course expect to work hard on the audition day.

You will be required to prepare and perform one monologue and one Musical Theatre song – combined they should not last longer than 6 minutes (the shorter the better!). The monologue can be modern or classical depending on where you think your strength lies. You must provide sheet music for the song (no backing tracks) as a pianist will be provided for you on the day. Please note no pop songs will be permitted. Your speech/song will be stopped if you go over the 6 minute (combined) limit.

The price of the audition day is £45. Please fill in the online application form and follow the instructions.

Our academic year starts later than most. . . so we audition later than most. Apply online today to start training with us in Oct 2017