Be industry-ready in just 2 years

What makes The MTA different is our ability to prepare you to be at a truly industry-ready professional standard in just 2 years. That’s why The MTA’s fast-track programme is staffed by passionate professionals who have already achieved and are now focussed on giving you the skills to realise your ambition.

Our thorough approach, including a day-long audition process has earned The MTA the reputation of being ‘rigorously professional’.

We are proud to have been named School of the Year 2012 in The Stage 100 Awards…….“within just a few years of opening Lewis Thomas and her team have established themselves as a force in drama training that is not afraid to approach things differently”

Of our 3 graduating year groups 100% of our students have left college with agent offers.  Since November 2011 to present at any one time we have averaged 71% of our ambassadors being employed under professional contracts.

From October 2013 we will be the first Musical Theatre college in the UK to split the focus of our acting course 50/50 between stage and screen. Once again ensuring that The MTA are leading the way in innovative training for performers in the UK today