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The MTA is unique. We offer the UK’s first, fast track programme that is focused on getting you industry-ready in 2 years, rather than the traditional 3 years.

Entry to The MTA is by audition – no qualifications are necessary other than an overwhelming desire to work as a performer. Whilst we specialise in Musical Theatre, our ambassadors are equally at home on the screen and in straight plays (both contemporary and classical).

If you have a dream, the ambition and the drive, then The MTA is for you, because everyone here feels the same way. There are no career teachers at The MTA, only working professionals who want to teach the next generation of performers.  They can, and as you can see from our stats do,  give you the skills to realise your potential.


Annemarie Lewis Thomas

School of the Year 2012 in The Stage 100 Awards






We have been named The Stage School of the Year for an unprecedented 2nd time.  The citation is printed below. We acknowledge that this award is in fact thanks to the faculty who train our students and ambassadors to such a high standard. We also acknowledge that a huge contributor to the #time4change initiative was our Health and Welfare consultant Angie Peake, who has donated hours of her time to help support us in this campaign.

Stage citation 2017





We start our academic year later than most. . .which means that we audition later than most. So apply online today to start training with us in Oct 2017




Be Industry Ready in 2 Years

On July 12th 2016 we launched the #time4change Mental Health Charter.  To date 118 organisations have signed up to the charter. The MTA is proud to lead the way in Mental Health Education in Drama Training. For more information click here

What makes The MTA different is our ability to prepare you to be at a truly industry-ready professional standard in just 2 years. That’s why The MTA’s fast-track programme is staffed by passionate professionals who have already achieved success and are now focussed on giving you the skills to realise your ambition.

Our thorough approach, including a day-long audition process, which includes written feedback to all applicants, has earned The MTA the reputation of being ‘rigorously professional’. To date 100% of applicants have felt that The MTA audition day has been exceptional value for money.

We are proud to have been named School of the Year 2012 in The Stage 100 Awards…….“within just a few years of opening Lewis Thomas and her team have established themselves as a force in drama training that is not afraid to approach things differently”

Of our 6 graduating year groups 100% of our students have left college with agent representation. 98% of them have worked professionally since graduating.  Statistics speak louder than accreditation. Check out the table below for the latest statistics for this year. Also check out the Ambassador pages to see what EVERY graduate is up to.

In October 2013 we became the first Musical Theatre college in the UK to split the focus of our acting course 50/50 between stage and screen. Once again ensuring that The MTA is leading the way in innovative training for performers in the UK today.

The MTA has a pioneering approach to pastoral care – as written about in this blog by the Principal.

We are the only UK college to operate ‘a college for life’ policy – ensuring an ‘aftercare’ service unsurpassed by any other college. This includes ongoing pastoral and professional support, and free classes.

We are the only UK college to do public performances EVERY term. Click on the pictures throughout the website to see examples of our work.

Check out the ethos behind The MTA Way here.

Below is a comparison table of our graduate success compared to the ‘top 5 (Drama UK) schools’.  Needless to say we are very proud of all of our Ambassadors for achieving this level of success so soon.  Just click on the table below to save an eye strain ?

All of our 2016 graduates had secured agent representation 3 months prior to Showcase/Graduation. It is also worth noting that 3 of our 2015 ambassadors had already cleared their student debts by this point too, less than a year after graduating.



The MTA London Ltd is a registered charity. The Board of Trustees currently consists of, Annemarie Lewis Thomas, Lauren Austin & Samantha Hull. The latter two are both inaugural ambassadors for the college, ensuring that the college stays true to its ethos at all times. The Board is chaired by Producer and Consultant Jim Zalles