Fees & Funding

Jonathan Groff visits The MTA

The MTA had actively decided against applying for any form of accreditation, or indeed offering any formal qualification, as we felt that our independence from any umbrella organisation or academic governing body gave us far more flexibility to offer a constantly evolving course – which is 100% truly vocational.

In 2021 we revised this thinking as we realised that the lack of student funding was a major issue for lots of the people that we wanted to train. Trinity College London changed it’s validation criteria in November 2021 allowing us to finally apply for a Level 6 validation, and thereby opening the door to student funding.

Unfortunately it proved to be that decision that eventually helped to close us due to what we initially believed were unavoidable, unfortunate delays by TCL, but which we later found (via whistleblowers from Trinity) was something completely different.

Patron Lara Pulver with Masterclass guest Georgia Stitt