Fees & Funding

Fees for The MTA:

£4000 per term (all inclusive)
£16,000/yr = £32,000 all inclusive for the full course

Please keep in mind that this is a 2 year course, therefore you are only going to have to fund your additional living costs for two years as opposed to the more traditional three.

NB: This is an intensive, accelerated learning programme run over 4 terms (a minimum of 40 weeks) a year.

You will average 40+ contact hrs/week, plus access to 2 members of staff on call at all times.

This fee also includes our ‘college for life’ policy, giving you access to free classes and support for life! 

You will be in a class with no more than 21 other students, ensuring that your training is specific to you.

We are committed to a policy of one course/22 students.

Payment options:

Upon being accepted there are two payment options, you can either spread the cost by term, or benefit from a discount by prepaying for year

Paying by Term

1 x £500 Deposit (non refundable), guarantees place. Required within 2 weeks of being offered a place. Cost deducted from final term’s cost.

1 x £1,750 Due by 1st May 2020 (non refundable), cost deducted from final term’s cost.

7 x £4,000 Fee per term, due 5 weeks in advance of term start date

1 x £1,750 Final term’s fee (Term 8).

Total cost of course: £32,000

Prepaying by year – £500 discount per year

£15,500 each year (due 5 weeks before start of term year).

Total cost of course £31,000

Jonathan Groff visits The MTA

The MTA has actively decided against applying for any form of accreditation, or indeed offering any formal qualification, as we feel that our independence from any umbrella organisation or academic governing body gives us far more flexibility to offer a constantly evolving course – which is 100% truly vocational. If you’d like to read more about this decision please click here where the Principal has written a blog about the subject.

Therefore you are not entitled to apply for any student finance – which is why we are committed to our #50percent campaign

The MTA is working hard on it’s #50percent campaign in a bid to make 50% of its places available with 50% scholarships or bursaries. When funds are available these will be offered to students who can prove that they are not in a financial position to access the course without the help of the college.  As we strive to meet this goal if funds are your only obstacle to apply for our award winning course, we ask that you simply contact the college if your application has been successful, as we pride ourselves on working closely with families to find a way to always ‘make it work’. Different payment schemes can be arranged to help you. . . just talk to us. Do not let money be the obstacle between you and training #theMTAway

The MTA has been designed from the outset to keep student fees accessible – by accelerating the course we have already successfully managed to reduce the fees by up to a third of our main competitors, as don’t forget you are only having to fund 2 years of living costs instead of 3. Meaning that you are out earning a year earlier.

Patron Lara Pulver with Masterclass guest Georgia Stitt

Meet the Patrons: Sue Vincent & Amanda Abbington


The MTA is completely funded by our students’ fees. Students are required to find the full course fees themselves – plus support themselves living in London.

The MTA has never been a college for the privileged few – it was formed with the sole intention of being an ethical college designed to train people who want to make a career in Musical Theatre performance. In line with our ethical policy we don’t charge overseas students a higher rate to study with us – it doesn’t cost us anymore to train them!

We never want to turn down a successful applicant purely on the grounds of finances. We are seeking to provide a series of 50% scholarships for students unable to fund their entire course. It should be noted that no assistance will be given until the student is in their 2nd year – by which time we would really know the student; seen how they are trying to fund the course, and know more about their personal situation and lifestyle. The student will have tried to raise the finances elsewhere e.g. applied for grants etc. We would also expect the student to have applied for and received other revenue sources first.

We are aiming for a day where we have the resources and backers in place to facilitate a large percentage of our students being able to utilise scholarships.

Make a small contribution to our #50percent campaign

How can you help?

If you are in a position to offer a substantial donation, which would directly lead to a student being able to take up a place at ‘The MTA’ please get in touch with the Principal at annemarie@themta.co.uk for further information of schemes available. If you are an individual or organization that would like to donate a small sum to the hardship fund (no donation is too small) please click on the button below.

Ways to Donate to our #50percent Campaign

Helping Ourselves

The Musical Theatre Academy policy states that all monies collected from shows associated with ‘The MTA’, be that ticket sales or royalties from shows developed by The MTA will be paid directly into the Hardship Fund.

All revenues collected from the hire of our venue will also be paid into The MTA Student Hardship Fund.

Every penny donated to the fund will go towards a student at ‘The MTA’ getting the best possible training and pastoral care.