What qualification do you get at the end of your training?

Successful students will be awarded with The MTA Diploma in Musical Theatre (stage & screen), recognised by all leading casting directors as a hallmark of excellence in training. This is a Higher Education course. Please also note that this diploma is recognised by PPA allowing graduates to apply for their one year online top up course which leads to a BA(Hons). The top up course comes with full government funding

Is The MTA Diploma recognised by Equity and Spotlight?

Yes, our graduates go onto the main Spotlight register & are eligible for Equity membership

Why does The MTA think that 2 years is enough, when all the other colleges insist on 3 year programmes?

We believe that the more intense nature of the course actually prepares you better for the demands of the industry. At The MTA the absence of long holidays ensure that you really do make every moment of your training count.

Is this like a BTEC in Performing Arts

Whilst it’s a two year course, we are working at undergraduate level, so you would do a BTEC prior to training with us.

Is this a Level 6 Qualification?

Yes it is – whilst it’s an independent diploma, you will be studying at Level 6 (so equivalent to a degree)

Is this a BA/degree in Musical Theatre?

This is equivalent training to a BA course, but 100% vocational, with the final qualification being our independent 2 year diploma in Musical Theatre (stage and screen)

Our diploma is recognised by PPA enabling students to go onto do their BA (Hons) Performance (Level 6 Top-Up) course. The top-up course has government funding attached to it

Do you run any other courses?

No,  we focus all of our energy on the one course.

Why do you only take 22 students?

We are confident that we can give 22 students per year top class training and outstanding pastoral care. We won’t compromise on either.

Is there a prospectus?

We are proud to be a paper-free college. Environment first always.

Do you have Open Days?

We don’t do open days, instead throughout January – June each year we encourage prospective students to spend any day with us.

Can I defer my place?

We would only defer an offered place if a sibling or close relative was already studying at the college, meaning that you would be in training together. Other than that we will not hold places over until the following year.

Can I work whilst studying at The MTA?

Yes, during term times you will always be finished by 5.15pm at the latest, and unless you have volunteered for additional workshops you will never be asked to come into college during the weekends. The only time that you are not permitted to work is production week.

What other costs will the course incur?

Other than private physio treatment should you need it, the only other additional course costs will be to pay for your Equity & Spotlight membership, plus make a small contribution towards your first headshot

Do you provide accommodation?

No, however on acceptance we will connect you to other students in order to share information of available rooms etc.

I am an overseas student, can you sponsor me for a Visa to study in the UK?

The MTA is unable to sponsor a Student Visa in order to study in the UK*, however certain nationalities can study with us under a Tier 5 YMS Visa.

*Please note that as of January 2021 this now includes all EU countries (including Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein)

Tier 5 YMS Visa

We actively encourage students that are able to apply for a Tier 5 YMS visa to consider us as one of their training options, as we truly believe that overseas students enrich our student community. Please note that we charge ALL students the same fees regardless of where they’re from.

You can apply for a Tier 5 Visa (Youth Mobility Scheme) if you’re aged between 18 and 30 and you’re from:

New Zealand
Hong Kong
Republic of Korea

Please be aware that upon graduation you will be able to live and work in the UK up to the expiration of your tier 5 visa, however you are very unlikely to get an extension.