Our #auditionfromhome option means you can try for a place at The MTA from the comfort of your own home. A huge percentage of acting auditions these days are done via self tapes created on smartphones. Casting directors and producers are increasingly using this method. It saves you time and money if you are considering several colleges.

Video audition from home

Choose your 2 strongest disciplines. Get a mate to hold your phone, or prop it up on a convenient flat surface. Record yourself doing a 2 minute monologue and/or song and/or dance piece, check it, retake it (as often as you need to) if you think that you’ve done yourself a disservice, and send it through to us, either directly by email to Admissions@theMTA.co.uk, or via an upload service eg We Transfer, Dropbox, or via a private You Tube link. Make sure that you fill out the application form first though

Only when we confirm you are a potential match will you have to commit to the cost of travel/accommodation to attend our Whole Day Audition.

How does it work?

A) Use the ‘do what they say’ upload button

B) If you’re on an iPhone or iPad we recommend that you download the – soon to be industry standard – ‘SHOOT ME!’ App  http://www.shoot.me

We are thrilled to have partnered with the team at Shoot Me! to introduce you at this early stage to the most important professional app you’re ever going to need.

Just Shoot the film(s) and send it via the app to admissions@themta.co.uk. Simple.

What happens next?

Our Senior Faculty will review the audition tapes of your two chosen disciplines concentrating on you, (not your filming abilities!). If we think that the MTA might be the right course for you, we’ll be back in touch formally inviting you to apply for one of our acclaimed Whole Day Auditions or our half day interactive online audition. At the whole day audition, you will be required to prepare and perform one monologue and one Musical Theatre song – lasting no more than 6 minutes. Our team will also provide you with written feedback.

Only when you know that we’re a potential match will you have to fork out for travel/accommodation etc.

To apply for the whole day audition, you will be required to fill in the application form, pay the £30 deposit and wait for your audition date to come through. . . safe in the knowledge that you’ll be spending your money to audition for a college that has already invested in you AND is most definitely interested in you.

However, if all of that sounds too daunting for you, you can bypass the #auditionfromhome and just apply via the Whole Day Audition form by clicking the button below:

#auditionfromhome application form:

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