Fees & Funding

Fees for The MTA are as follows:

£4000 per term (all inclusive)
£16,000/yr = £32,000 all inclusive for the full course
NB: This is an intensive, accelerated learning programme run over 4 terms (a minimum of 40 weeks) a year. You will average 40+ contact hrs/week, plus access to 2 members of staff on call at all times. This fee also includes our ‘college for life’ policy, giving you access to free classes and support for life! You will be in a class with no more than 21 other students, ensuring that your training is specific to you. We are committed to a policy of one course/22 students.

There are two ways to pay:

If you pay the full yearly fee up front you are eligible for a £500 discount/yr, reducing the fee to £15,500 /yr or £31,000 for the full course. If choosing this option you will be required to pay the full £15,500 5 weeks in advance of the year start date.

If you would prefer to pay termly you will be required to pay £4000 5 weeks in advance of every term start date. A list of payment dates will be sent to you on successful application. Students are asked to ensure that they can find sufficient funds to complete the course.

1 X £500 = Deposit on accepting place (non refundable) This needs to be paid within 2 weeks of being offered a place (this will be deducted from your final term’s fee).

1 X £1750 = Confirming commencement of termly fees (non refundable) This needs to be paid by 1st June in the year of entry (this will be deducted from your final term’s fee)

7 X £4000 = Termly fees paid 5 weeks in advance of term start date

1 X £1750 = Final term

TOTAL – £32,000

Please keep in mind that this is a 2 year course, therefore you are only going to have to fund your additional living costs for two years as opposed to the more traditional three.

The MTA has actively decided against applying for accreditation as we feel that our independence from any umbrella organisation gives us far more flexibility to offer a constantly evolving course. If you’d like to read more about this decision please click here where the Principal has written a blog about the subject. Our students are therefore not eligible for DaDa awards. Under exceptional circumstances The MTA might offer a student a part scholarship towards their fees. Students accepted onto the course will be eligible to apply for a Professional and Career Development Loan.Too Darn Hot SOSN 2015

‘Professional and Career Development Loans are commercial bank loans that can be used to help pay for work related learning. You can borrow between £300 and£10,000 to help support the cost of up to two years of learning (or three years if it includes one year’s relevant unpaid practical work). The Government will pay the interest on the loan while you are learning and for one month afterwards. You will then need to start repaying the loan as you would any other commercial loans product. The loan can be used to pay course fees or other costs such as travel and living expenses. You can also use the loan to supplement other forms of support such as grants or bursaries.As the Professional and Career Development Loan is a commercial loan product, you should make sure you have investigated all the funding options that may be open to you to ensure you take an informed decision about whether the Loan is right for you.For further information on financial assistance to support your learning, visit www.direct.gov.uk/adultlearning or contact Next Step on 0800 100 900.Our learning provider registration number is: 20688

The MTA has been designed from the outset to keep student fees accessible – by accelerating the course we have successfully managed to reduce the fees by up to a third of our main competitors (with the added bonus of only having to fund two years of student living expenses on top).


The MTA is completely funded by our students’ fees. Other than a PCDL there is no other funding available to them. Therefore students are potentially required to find the full course fees themselves – plus support themselves living in London.

From the outset we have never wanted The MTA to be a college for the privileged few – instead it was formed with the sole intention of being an ethical college designed to train people who wanted to make Musical Theatre performance their career choice. In line with our ethical policy we do not charge overseas students any more than our UK students – after all it doesn’t cost us anymore to train them!

We never want to turn down a successful applicant purely on the grounds of finances. We are looking to provide a series of 25% scholarships for those students who are unable to find the funds for the entire course. It should be noted though that no assistance will be given until the student is in their 2nd year – by which time we would have spent time with the student and noted how they are trying to fund the course, and we’d know more about their personal situation and their lifestyle. There is an expectation that the student would have tried to raise the finances elsewhere e.g. applied for grants etc. We would also have expected the student to have applied for and received other revenue sources first.

To date we have received large donations from the Take That Trust Fund – which directly facilitated a number of students being able to start training with us. However we are about to embark on the next part of our journey which of course means that we are currently looking for further funding to facilitate more students starting the course in October.dsc_5177

How can you help?

If you are in a position to offer a substantial donation, which would directly lead to a student being able to take up a place at The MTA please get in touch with the Principal at annemarie@themta.co.uk for further information of schemes available.

If you are an individual or organization that would like to donate a small sum to the hardship fund (no donation is too small) please click on the button below.

Every penny donated to the fund will go towards a student at The MTA getting the best possible training and pastoral care.

Helping Ourselves

In line with our policy all monies collected from shows associated with The MTA be that ticket sales or royalties from shows developed by The MTA will be paid into the Hardship Fund. All revenues collected from the hire of our venue will also be paid into The MTA Student Hardship Fund