Our Citation (2012)

The panel is keen to reward pluck alongside excellence and the Musical Theatre Academy has both these credentials in spades. Set up by Annemarie Lewis Thomas, the MTA offers two-year training courses rather than the traditional three-year format and aims to fast track its students into the industry. Lewis Thomas’ first cohort of students graduated in 2011. All of them have agent representation and, within one month of graduating, they had all secured at least one professional job or gig. These are the kind of statistics that the most established drama schools aim for – let alone a newcomer. The MTA also has a policy of only employing staff who are still actively working in the industry. Deciding to adopt this strategy as a fledgling school could not have been easy, but demonstrates the professionalism of the enterprise, forging an active link between the students and the sector from the outset.
Within just a few years of opening, Lewis Thomas and her team have established themselves as a new force in drama training that is not afraid to approach things differently. The panel unanimously wanted to recognise their vision with this award.

Our Citation (2017)

London based Musical Theatre Academy won in this category in 2012, with its fast-track musical theatre programme slicing a year off students’ training and getting them industry ready in two years rather than three.
Since then, the academy has continued its work providing professional musical theatre training – with the judges noting its graduates now regularly feature in top professional productions – alongside a robust pastoral care package.
In 2016, however the academy took an admirable step in tackling the issue of mental health among performers by creating the #time4change charter. A total of 112 organisations, including other drama schools, have already signed up
In outlining the actions that can be taken on a day-to-day basis to make mental health and well-being a priority, MTA is nailing its colours to the mast when it comes to one of the most under-discussed issues both within the industry and on a broader societal level.  It has also pledged to help people access to the help and support they need when necessary.  Fact sheets and explanations of causes and effects that may impact an individual’s mental health and well-being are set out as part of the charter as well as information of where help can be sought.
The judges felt that, aside from its growing influence within the training sector, MTA’s spearheading of such a vital project as #time4change warranted recognition.

“Annemarie Lewis Thomas and her colleagues have worked their socks off to establish a fresh, ethical college offering very high quality, no-frills training. During several journalistic visits to the college and at two shows I have watched the original cohort of students grow from raw beginners into accomplished, very employable performers. If this is what the college can achieve in just over two years, goodness knows what ground it will be breaking in a decade’s time. Congratulations to The MTA on all your achievements.”
Susan Elkin. Education and Training Editor, The Stage (2011)


“I have seen the MTA thrive since its establishment for in part two reasons, firstly because of the formidable dedication of founder and principal Annemarie Lewis Thomas, and secondly because of its commitment and care given to the students’ all round preparation of the industry – from technical training, to solid admirable pastoral support most notably with the Mental Health Charter that they have spearheaded. This is a college that cares, and that is getting results – with students already all over the West End.”
Stuart Piper, Managing Director of Cole Kitchenn, Established West End Agency (2017)

We have always been impressed with the level of talent, commitment and professionalism exhibited by students of the MTA. We currently represent three alumni who have shown a maturity and understanding of the business unusual in graduates. They get seen and they get work! We look forward to an ongoing strong relationship with such a pioneering college and its students.
VSA – established West End Agency (2017)

MTA students really are ‘rigorously professional’; we love working with them as they are trained to industry standards, realistic about the industry, keen, dedicated and hard-working. Coming from a school with a strong work ethic and an excellent post-training support system, we know they’re always ready to extend themselves, develop as performers and a joy to work with.
Simon How Associates – established West End Agency (2017)

“After just two years of life, The MTA is already producing a higher standard of student from its two-year course than most of its competitors do in three. This is due to only accepting first-rate applicants and having knowledgable, industry-experienced teachers who love what they do.”
George Stiles. Composer (2011)

“As a Patron of The MTA, I am delighted to see that Annemarie Lewis Thomas and her team are devoted to offering their students such a well-rounded training, for them to be best equipped to become the next generation of musical theatre actors. I have not heard a group of young people sing so healthily and effortlessly, it’s a credit to their teachers and the maturity and intelligence of the students. The MTA are giving the students the best possible start, allowing them to constantly work and learn from people already in many different aspects of the industry”
Lara Pulver, Actor (2010)

“If only The MTA was around when I was first starting out. The standard at both the shows I’ve seen was excellent. And is top of my list when asked for recommendations for the famous ‘Triple Threat’ training academies available in the Capital today”
Ria Jones. West End Leading Lady (2013)

“I was extremely impressed with The MTA. It was very clear to me within minutes that this was a program that was giving the students the right tools to become powerhouse musical theatre performers. I could feel the positive energy and support in the classroom from each and every student which is extremely important in an actor’s developmental journey. I look forward to returning to The MTA and to further working with the students both in the classroom and on stage in my future productions.”
Bobby Cronin. American Composer/Lyricist (2010)


“I had the pleasure of meeting and chatting to the students of The MTA this week and what a fantastic group they are! The MTA really seems to have tapped into a new current way of thinking and teaching. I was truly inspired when I left the studios. This is definitely one to watch.”
Kerry Ellis, West End & Broadway Leading Lady (2011)

“The MTA is a truly innovative and forward-thinking college. The balance between education, training and practice is spot-on. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend anyone undertaking the course.”
Andy Barnes. Executive Producer of Perfect Pitch Musicals (2010)

“After working with The MTA students I was so impressed by how talented, bright & professional they were. These students have a great attitude and have been excellently trained! The MTA definitely gets it right!!!”
Julie Atherton. West End Leading Lady (2012)

I’ve recently been working at a small drama school in Tottenham, @theMTAonline They are different to most drama schools in a number of ways. They put caring for the mental health and well-being of their students at the heart of everything they do. There is a full time counsellor on the staff. All students get an hour of counselling each week. Two members of staff are on call 24/7. And this pastoral care makes a difference. The culture is one of mutual support. The negative things that are accepted at many drama schools (“breaking-you-down-to-build-you-back-up-again”, “toughening you up for this tough business”) aren’t there. As a result, the students are happy, confident, engaged, eager to learn, and ask for help when they need it. Mental health problems affect 1/5 in the gen pop, and it’s 1/3 in our business. Working @theMTAonline has taught me that mental health care can be “baked in” to training, and theatre more broadly, and the results are a better environment for everyone. I’ll be trying to take these lessons into all my work in future.
Derek Bond, Director (2019)

“Having recently used some of The MTA’s students for a corporate event I can only say that the level of professionalism and expertise was unique and quite thrilling for me to work with. They worked alongside seasoned professional musical theatre performers and they held their own. They were able to cope with the fast pace of learning harmonies/staging/choreography which these type of jobs require, and they were a testament to the excellent work that is being done at The MTA. Excellent work to all!!

“I’ll be recommending The MTA to anyone who asks and to all that don’t!!!”
Stacey Haynes. Director and Choreographer (2012)



“I recently used the students from The MTA for a prestigious corporate gig – I was blown away by the way in which they not only produced an exceptional quality of work but were able to deliver under pressure all the while with a smile.

In fact all my dealings with The MTA have been fantastic and I am looking forward to the next time we work togther again.”
Ben Douglas. Founder Fusion Entertainment (2011)





“The MTA is producing outstanding students – conscientious, imaginative, enthusiastic, and an absolute delight to work with. Having had the pleasure of directing the inaugural year, and subsequently choosing to use students in my own professional projects on numerous occasions, I would not hesitate to consider any student from this college in the future.”
Simon Greiff. – Director/Producer (2011)13

“I was so impressed by the quality, diligence and calibre of The MTA students. They’re welcome to sing anything of mine, anytime!”.
Elliot Davis. Composer. Co-Writer of Loserville, Out There (2012)

“It was a privilege to workshop new material from my musical “The Buskers Opera” with the students of The MTA. They’re talented, quick to learn, adaptable and forthcoming with ideas. I was particularly impressed with their professional attitude. I think the students have really benefited from the applied nature of their course, they’ve got a great understanding of the shape of the business they are entering into and I predict great things from them and future graduates of this fine academy.”
Dougal Irvine. Composer/Lyricist/Book Writer (2011)

“In its first two years The MTA has already pushed the boundaries in how to train for the Musical Theatre profession in this country.

As a composer – writing for Musical Theatre – the work The MTA allows you to do through vocal and acting workshops is invaluable for a creative process and amazing for the students progression, allowing them to work alongside and create relationships with new, up and coming composers who are out there, in the big bad world, doing it. The training model that The MTA have created will be a model that’s copied in other drama schools in the future.”

“The atmosphere and method at The MTA is unique – caring, constant individual monitoring of student progress and a feeling of real commitment from a highly skilled staff. An ambitious but truly supportive environment.”
Nick Stimson, Associate Director of the Theatre Royal Plymouth, Book Writer and Lyricist (2013)

“I recently spent a fantastic afternoon working with the two current intakes of MTA students. We rehearsed and performed a long extract from Cycle Song, an opera written by Ian McMillan and myself, and I was thrilled with the way the students met the challenge of the score, throwing themselves into the demanding rhythms and harmonies with great confidence. Apart from having a great deal of immediately evident talent, they were extremely attentive and respectful, which isn’t always the case with theatre students, and understood the discipline of the rehearsal room. Annemarie and her team are obviously doing a wonderful job, and I look forward to seeing the school go from strength to strength.”
Tim Sutton, Composer/Lyricist (2013)


“The MTA is a unique training ground for performers who relish hard work, commitment and the dedication of a faculty that is tireless in its pursuit of excellence, growth and industry standing. Having worked with MTA students in several concerts over the past few years, I would have no hesitation in recommending their professionalism to anyone who cared to ask. Annemarie’s vision for MTA has been inspiring since the start and to see the fruits of her ongoing hard work is equally so.”
Neil Eckersley, Producer (Spekulation)/Agent(Edge Talent Management) (2014)

“I have had the privilege of being very closely associated with the MTA since it began. Initially I took the students in performance masterclasses and for the last two years I have directed the second year students in their pantomimes. Meeting the students early on in their time with the MTA and then seeing them again later down the line has been a revelation. To see how the superb training and disciplines they have received has improved, enhanced and fine tuned their talents has been mind blowing. The thing that really has impressed me about the MTA way has been the constant striving to introduce them to many different guest tutors, all professionals, all highly talented in their field as well as the intense care and concern that they have for each and every student during, and long after, their time with the college. I am incredibly proud to be working with the MTA. I can not think of a better college to attend . Long may it continue to thrive and flourish and provide the industry with supremely talented individuals who are a product of the highest calibre of training.”
Howard Samuels, West End actor, Cabaret Artiste and Director (2014)img_2787e

“My time working with The MTA students was great! It was so lovely to meet a group of passionate student actors and actresses who are were open to everything I had to say. A diverse group of individuals who had obviously been hand picked by Annemarie and her team because of their own particular strengths and future castability. They were able to demonstrate this to me on the day I taught and it was so refreshing. I came away thinking how supportive they all were of each other as a group and how the training they are receiving, in such a great atmosphere, will certainly put them ahead of the game when they graduate and join the Showbiz Rat Race! A Musical Theatre course that is going from strength to strength!”
Michael Jibson, Olivier nominated West End and film Actor (2014)

“I find that the students from The MTA are an absolute joy to have in a rehearsal room. They are trained to a high level in acting, singing, musicality and – most importantly for me – how to be really nice people that you want to have around. They think for themselves, they do their homework, they give generously and fully to their creative team and their colleagues. I recently cast a not-quite-graduate to play a key role in an Arts Council funded new British musical. Alongside her considerable skills as an actress she brought humour and an astonishing level of professionalism to her work, and held her own amongst a company of established musical theatre actors. The links that Annemarie makes for MTA students with industry folk are very smart and well considered, and because every student is very unique, it’s easy to remember individuals and call upon them when the time is right. I cast this particular graduate because she was right for the role, which I knew from directing her at The MTA at the end of her first year.”
Kate Golledge, Theatre Director (2014)

“The MTA, under the awesome leadership of Annemarie Lewis Thomas and supported by a highly experienced team of tutors is providing heavyweight competition to all the established training institutions. The work is all encompassing and refreshingly relevant to industry needs. The care taken to ensure each student surpasses their very best potential is outstanding and the pastoral guidance supporting this process is exemplary. All students are individual and treated as such, though the building buzzes with common themes: passion, talent and respect for craft. Spread the word: something very special is happening at The MTA.”
Michael Howcroft, Director (2014)


“Having had the pleasure of working with Annemarie previously, I was delighted to hear she had formed The MTA, as I knew that she would be passing on her vast experience of working within the industry to drama students who would be lucky enough to experience a culture of pushing the boundaries in teaching, life experience and working with industry professionals.

In turn, I have been very fortunate to have worked with several students from The MTA who have represented ThinkersLive at a number of our corporate events in London and further afield. What strikes me is the professionalism shown by all of the students with a maturity above their years, I look forward to watching the progress of the individuals over the years and the college itself as an avid supporter. The MTA have a knack of rounding individuals to make them a attractive proposition for everyone they come into contact with.”
Simon Greenhill CEO ThinkersLive (2014)

“I go into the MTA once a year to take a performance class and am always impressed by the consistently high standard of the students. There is a great atmosphere as soon as you enter the building, and I am always made to feel very welcome. The success rate of this school speaks for itself, and I am sure will continue under the brilliant direction of Anne Marie, who is producing a stable of exciting new talent ready to take on the tough path that lies ahead. Working in musical theatre is a fantastic choice, but you have to be PREPARED for every eventuality, and that is exactly what the MTA is teaching in droves.”
West End Leading Lady Rosemary Ashe (2015)

“Having spent a wonderful day at the MTA, chatting with the dedicated and talented students, I have no doubt that they are being given the very best training from fabulous teaching staff who have many years of experience within the business and that is the most important thing when it comes to learning all there is to know about having a successful career in the theatre, tv and film industry. It’s always great to hear that past and present students are gaining wonderful jobs and contracts all over the world.”
West End Leading Lady & TV Star Wendi Peters (2017)


I chose The MTA because I wanted to be me, an individual and to have the staff really get to know me personally and not just be another face, another female with brown hair or a number. That’s exactly what I got at The MTA. A member of a small year group where you couldn’t hide even if you wanted to.

Pamela Wernham (2013)

‘I chose The MTA as it provides triple threat training and preparation for the industry and continues to support you for the rest of your career. Tie that in with an incredible team of staff it stood out as my top choice.’

Bianca Balkie (2014)

I choose The MTA, because it is a college for life. Even after you graduate, the whole MTA family will be there for you throughout your whole career, supporting you along the way.


Anastasia Quinton Smith (2012)

I chose to attend The MTA originally because of the good reputation it had, as a new college. I wanted somewhere that could not only train me in musical theatre, but also somewhere I could develop as a person in a safe environment – and I was not disappointed. The training I received was top notch: from the standard of teaching staff (who are all current professionals), to the opportunities we all received throughout the training. There are many opportunities to practice your craft before graduating; not only in musical theatre but in also in TV, theatre, and much more. There is support and attention for every single student. Now my training has finished the support from The MTA hasn’t stopped, I still have access to resources from The MTA and many opportunities and auditions are passed on from staff. The things I learnt from The MTA have been invaluable and I am so lucky to have trained #themtaway. I would recommend this college to anyone who is serious in a career about performing.

Marios Evlambiou (2013)

“Not only do you get the guaranteed professional training offered to all but you get a personal training. You get your own training path written for you by people who care not only about the money you pay for the training but additionally for you.142

Time is spent on you and you are never left feeling forgotten.

You can’t anticipate how immensely exhausting both physically and mentally drama school will be but when it happens all you need is to feel you are getting that personal support. I know it’s easy to let yourself feel alone but at The MTA the second you hit a rocky path it’s picked up on and one of the members of staff is there to help you. Whether it’s an emotional Barrier you’ve carried most your life or a physical challenge of your dance ability. The MTA is not just a vessel it’s a home and somewhere you don’t just leave when you graduate, the doors are always open for continued support or that top up training, be it a dance class or a chat about the industry. The MTA may have offered me a place but I would choose them again and again. http://www.themta.co.uk/2013/03/imogen-fowler/

I chose The MTA to train to be a professional by learning from professionals. Not full time teachers

Ross Mcneil (2013)

I chose The MTA because the full day audition made me feel like the Mta invests time in every single person that walks through the doors whether successful or not and I think that first impression immediately made me realise the Mta was the place to be

Lorin Jane Foster (2012)

Because they didn’t see me for the performer I already was but for the performer they knew I would become.


Roxy Howells Davis (2013)

Why be 1 in 60 or more before you graduate when you can be 1 in 22 and become an individual, exciting performer and not a clone?

Why just blend into the industry when you graduate when you can reinvent it and find out what the best possible performer you can be looks like? That’s why I chose The MTA

Cici Howells (2012)

‘At The MTA we are taught to be professional people, not just professional performers.’

‘At The MTA we are taught to be good people, not just good performers.’

‘The MTA was my chosen college because it’s stunning reputation was met by the stunning performances seen in their shows’

Phil McCloskey (2014)

I chose The MTA because I felt like I was really given a chance to show what I can do. It was the only college where I really felt like myself, let go of the fake and nervous persona we tend to adopt at auditions, and just show who I really am. The location was perfect, the teachers were encouraging and I will always remember, and appreciate how honest Annemarie was at the audition, and at the same time making us laugh so much in such a nerve racking situation. If you go somewhere like The MTA you will grow as a performer but also as a person, which is rare to find and invaluable.


Debbie Marino (2012)

I chose The MTA because of the audition day. I hadn’t had a day like that in so long where I was REALLY doing what I Love and in such a fun atmosphere. The feedback I received for all 3 aspects of the day was so thorough and detailed, I knew it was the right school for me.

Karina Toolan (2011)

I chose The MTA because I left the audition feeling amazing! I felt like the staff cared so much about each individual in the room, and everyone knew my name rather than just being a number. Annemarie knew everyone’s background before they had been asked which made me feel like I was in good hands. It also excited me to be taught by industry working professionals who one day were to become my competition.

Jennifer Webster (2013)

The MTA was my chosen college to train and boy did i make the right decision! I simply thought even from the audition day that this school was too good to be true, but i was wrong, it was everything that Annemarie Lewis Thomas (Principal of The MTA) said it was going to be and more! You really are trained to be industry ready in two years, from hours spent in the studios in classes to mock auditions with casting directors and external gig’s in west end theatres. One of the best things about the college is that with a limited number of students being accepted, you really get individual training and there is no way you can slip into the shadows (Even if you wanted to!) Every member of staff that teaches you is currently working in the West End, i loved that when i worked Front of House, that i knew one of the ensemble members that i was watching on that stage was going to be taking my tap class that very next morning. But above anything else, i’ve come out of The MTA feeling like i know how to work like a true professional, there has not been one occasion since graduating where i have felt un-knowledgable in any situation i have found myself, and if i do find myself not knowing what steps to take next, the college is always on-hand whether you’re a student or an ambassador, it really is a college for life. Being a 2012 ambassador, we knew with The MTA being a new college and us only being the second ever year group to study there that it was a risk, but i can whole heartedly say it was the best risk i ever took and even from my first day i knew i had nothing to worry about. I’ve been fortunate enough to have made a career so far in this industry and this would not have happened without The MTA, those two years were the hardest but best two years of my life. If you are willing to work hard and have a strong passion for this industry then this is the college for you!


Adam Jay Price (2012)

I chose The MTA from how I felt after the audition day. They say with a drama school you ‘just know’ from the audition and I definitely did. I could tell from that day that if I were lucky enough to go there I would be pushed, cared for and cultured in to the best performer and version of myself I could be. Thankfully I was lucky and the above doesn’t even cut it when it comes to what it’s done for me. I couldn’t recommend the course more. If you want focused, concentrated and thorough musical theatre training then The MTA is the place for you.



Alice Ferreira (2013)

I wasn’t considering The MTA when I was auditioning. In fact it concerned me as it was very new. Then I was advised by the head of dance there to go and watch the first years show (they’d been in training for 19 weeks). If I liked it, I’d audition, if not, I’d go back to my original plan. I can honestly say I was so blown away, as were both my parents, that not only did I choose to apply there, but I suddenly had my heart set on going. And thank goodness, because it was everything I hoped it would be and more.


Anna Reeve Cook (2012)

I Chose The MTA because of how personal the training was from the amazing faculty they brought in. The limit to only 22 in a year students meant everyone would get a fair chance to be seen.

Ashton Charge (2013)

I chose The MTA over a dance college that had accepted me because I felt The MTA had a greater emphasis on all three threats and not one specific thing. It was a complete risk but the excitement of a new fresh college with industry teachers and max of 20 people in the class so you were never over looked. In my other college I had to chose between, I would have been 1 of 120…in mta I was 1 of 13….need I say more?

Samantha Hull (2011)

I chose The MTA because the audition made me feel like they believed I could do it. Coming straight from a small school in Wales with next to no idea about the industry, The MTA teaches you in a way that holds your hand through new opportunities (and stupid questions) and pushes you to your limits – then moves the goalposts the next day, not letting you get complacent. the MTA doesn’t teach optimism, it teaches realism. You’ll be out of work more than you’re in work, but it doesn’t matter as long as you have the skills and tools to practice and fine-tune the skills you learned at The MTA.

Phoebe Rose White (2013)

I chose The MTA because I felt that out of all the drama schools I auditioned for, The MTA was the only one I knew would deliver a training more personal and more tailored towards its individual students. There was no such thing as a “generic” class; there was always something for me to personally take from every class, workshop, extra curricular activity, audition and show.

David Moss (2011)

‘At any other college I would have gotten completely lost in a swarm of other students more confident than I was, but because of the reduced year group sizes at The MTA I automatically felt like I counted as both a person & performer. This meant I was able to excel and become the type of performer I needed to be to tackle this tough industry’dangerous-daughters-2-2

Bethan Forsey (2011)

“I chose the MTA because of these questions that appeared on the website when It first opened”

When you sit in the theatre as an audience member does your heart race quicker the moment that the overture starts?

• As the curtain rises do you magically transport yourself onto the stage and live every moment with the performers?

• At the end of the show, when the audience applaud, is there a part of you that wishes/thinks that they are applauding you?

• When you leave the theatre do you spend the next few days/weeks daydreaming of how you wish it had been you up on that stage?

• When you’ve been in a show do you feel more alive than ever before?

If you answered yes to any/all of the above then MTA is the college for you, because every member of staff feels exactly the same way. There are no career teachers at MTA, only people that, like you, had an amazing dream once – the difference between you and the MTA staff is that they went on to live theirs, and would love the opportunity to give you the skills which will enable you to do the same.

“There are many other reasons along with these questions I chose The MTA, such as the fast track programme which enables you to be industry ready in just two years. The structure of the course enables you to maintain your skills throughout your training as your term breaks are only 3 weeks unlike other colleges where they are double the amount of time therefore becomes more difficult to maintain. Another reason for choosing The MTA was the faculty and their careers, it was such a privilege to be taught by current industry professionals who would train you throughout the day and go into the west end to do a show that night. The structure to each term was a massive attraction to why I The MTA, where all disciplines are spread evenly making sure you are triple threat before graduating, as well as this the MTA give you the opportunity to perform a different show at the end of each term including an Acting & Musical theatre showcase at the end of your training instead of waiting until your third year. Finally, the individuality of The MTA, There really is nowhere else like it!”

Carl Douglas (2012)

I chose The MTA because it got me out into the industry quicker than any other college without compromising the standard of training (if not actually beating it)


Richard Watkins (2014)

When I was accepted into The MTA I knew it was definitely the college I wanted to train at for the following 2 years. I did the audition rounds at most of the drama schools in London for quite a few years but never got a real sense or excited by their training even though they’ve been around for years. After my whole audition day at The MTA I was auditioned the faculty who I would be trained by and couldn’t believe I would actually be trained by a faculty that are working in the industry right now as performers them selves. Their c.v’s are definitely something to aim for. You may go into The MTA as “just a dancer” or “just a singer or actress” but you will come out an all rounder which is what the industry is constantly looking for.

Laura Webb (2012)

Choosing The MTA was a no brainier after a full day at the college auditioning for all the faculty and speaking to each of them on a one to one basis. Since choosing and graduating I have never regretted my choice. With a maximum of 22 students in one year group I felt looked after in every class and looked after out of college too. I made 21 best friends and worked with people who inspired me everyday there really is a work hard play hard motto and I think it shows in the 100% agent representation!

Hannah Shaw (2014)

The minute I walked into The MTA I knew it was the college for me! It was so obvious how supportive and familial everyone was with each other and it created such a relaxed and comfortable environment for me to audition in! The staff are second to none and I found it so inspiring to have current west end professionals teaching me, giving me something to aspire to! And the intensity of it, an accelerated two year course, working through the summer and having to keep pushing yourself having only 3 weeks off every 10 weeks. I felt this would be the best way to prepare me for such an intense and competitive industry where it is always to vital to be in shape and on top of your game at all times! That’s only a handful of reasons why I chose The MTA and upon graduating I can say it was the best decision I could have made!p1050160

Parisa Shahmir (2014)

The reason why I chose to go to The MTA was that it was more hands on and practical base than other colleges. It also has smaller class sizes therefore getting far more attention and help in areas needed. Fresh and up to date knowledge and information on the industry and being fully prepared for any situation that may happen.

Lydia Clarkson (2011)

I chose The MTA because it immediately felt like home. I was very young and under confident when I first auditioned for colleges and I can say without a doubt that I knew it was the place for me straight away due to the intimacy of the audition day. I was so encouraged by how much they wanted to get to know me personally and weren’t just trying to fill spaces on the course but wanted to make sure I was making the right choice for me too.

Lauren Austin (2011)

I chose The MTA because that’s where I had “the feeling” and because it ticked all my boxes.

Ziggie Sky Ward (2011)

I first heard of The MTA when it was voted Best Drama School 2012 by The Stage! I applied to audition the same day, I was dubious at first but the moment I walked into the building it just felt right and luckily they accepted me!

Meesha Lyth (2014)

I chose The MTA because they care about their students as people, and don’t just churn out carbon copy performers. Being different is celebrated.

lia-14-of-43Laura Cooper (2014)

My reason for applying to The MTA was number one being that there will only ever be a maximum of 22 in each class and that meaning you get full attention in all disciplines.

All dance levels are divided up to your level of capability of dance.

Throughout the course you have 24 hour access to a counsellor who is fantastic always there when you need her.

Also when living away from home it can be tough and lonely sometimes in this big city and the MTA becomes a family who you can reach out to at any time eg the teachers who are all 100% approachable, the students past or current, most of all the principal who never stops working.

Every student is equal!

Sometimes at big colleges people can get forgotten about that doesn’t happen!

Continuous support after you graduate!

Always someone touching base on how you are and how your getting on!

Feedback at the end of term face to face so you know exactly how your progressing!

At The MTA you get to work with a lot of fantastic contacts ie your teachers, master classes with westend stars, casting directors, MDs who you will then know leaving and have knowledge of what the industry is like.

Most of all you get equal stage time which is so so important everyone gets and equal showcase.

Also from the minute you get to The MTA you are performing to an audience in all your shows which in most schools your final performance after 3 years is to an audience.

Jade Jordan (2013)

I chose the MTA because (as corny as it sounds) I had never had such an overwhelming feeling of ‘belonging’ somewhere. I felt like I was treated as a person throughout the audition and wanted to be accepted by a school who I felt knew me a bit. When I didn’t get in initially I just couldn’t let it go, as like I said, I just loved everything about it and knew I was ‘supposed’ to be there- probably because of the honest, friendly, down to earth atmosphere and the strong morals that the MTA believes in.130

Laura Cook (2013)

Why I chose The MTA, because of the passionate staff. The audition day was so honest and inspiring and I felt like I would be invited into a company not just a school.

Zoe Littleton (2012)

“I chose the MTA because I knew they could give me a unique training where I could still be myself & not try to fit a mould”

Erica Birtles (2011)

I chose The MTA because no other place I auditioned for proved anything to me on the audition day- where as your audition day had me convinced I’d be a person being trained carefully- not a number coming and going. The 2 years proved my instinct right. I got recalled elsewhere but really didn’t enjoy the vibe my first day there and had the offer from you and didn’t even feel it was worth investing the time and money to go for a second audition there when I was already excited about investing in The MTA. Also the fact there’s the rule about only being trained by industry professionals who know exactly what today’s industry is and requires was appealing


Kay Victoria Hindmarsh (2011)

I chose the MTA because they answered me within ten minutes of sending my registration, and I’m still waiting on the other colleges to answer a single email, two years after graduating.

I chose The MTA because of the faculty, all in the west end or equivalent, I knew I was training with the best.

I chose the MTA because of the level of care they provide. with only 22 students max. in every year group, you’re never left at the back or by your own means. they’re present every hour of the day to make you a better performer.

I chose The MTA because it’s a college for life. I’m so happy to be able to come back for free dance lessons, Q&As or just to say Hi! They’re not just preparing you for the industry but are following you every step of the way.

Finally, I chose The MTA because as a foreign student, I didn’t have to pay more than any other UK student, and I knew they were going to give me the level and skillset required to tackle the industry like every other performer.

Leo Elso (2012)

I had never felt so comfortable in an audition. I didn’t feel like I was just a number. They took the time to get to know me throughout the day.

Rebecca Cilento, Anna Hannides & Ellena ThompsonKirsty Bascombe (2014)

Each of the 3 disciplines are taught separately as strengths and then combined for each show, which as a more dance based performer was great news to my ears.

The personal attention the students receive is unbeatable, with the maximum intake of each year group being 22 pupils.

They push you to, and beyond your limits, every time you achieve a goal they set you another.

Most importantly the MTA’s philosophy of work hard, play hard is brilliantly balanced!

Ross Harborn (2014)

MTA couldn’t have been a better decision for me. What more could you want from a drama school than a huge amount of support from staff/students (which continues even when you become an ambassador), staff which have not only been in amazing things but continue to go into fantastic shows teaching you ever single day (which consequently means that each class sneakily becomes a masterclass/workshop) and most importantly a family. When It was my audition day back in 2012, I stepped into the building and instantaneously felt that family vibe and knew that this is exactly where I wanted to be.

I chose MTA because it is incredible. You don’t just get training for the 2 years your there, you will never ever really leave. It really is a college for life.

Chantelle Kemp (2014)

The MTA felt like home to me the minute I walked through the door. From the moment I started here I’ve felt blessed not only to be taught by the most brilliant teachers with the most amazing careers but also to be presented with the most incredible opportunities of professional work during training.

As a recent graduate I can now confirm that the aftercare is simply outstanding – you never truly leave the MTA and every time I come back for class (or even just a cuppa and a catch up!) it feels like home.

Simone Murphy (2014)

The MTA was always able to treat me as an individual and not just another student because of the small class sizes! This is great as your teachers all know exactly what you can and can’t do and how to work with you over the two years to make you the best version of you that you can be! Incredible faculty teaching you in an individually tailored way in a very intense two years is just a great way to train for the industry! Also being a nice person really goes a long way and that is lesson number one at the MTA.lia-43-of-43

Joe Toland (2013)

” I choose the MTA because I knew I would be trained in all 3 disciplines equally, to allow myself the best chance in becoming a triple threat performer that the industry is in need of today. The MTA course is always changing to suit the ever changing industry and I can honestly say that the MTA prepares you for everything that you need to have a career in the industry. This is a college for life, although I am a graduate I know I never really leave The MTA because the door is always open to continue my training and personal needs!”

Jordan Matthews (2014)

I chose the MTA because…

I wanted to be a professional right from my first day, not a drama student. I wanted to go into the industry feeling completely prepared, confident and fully supported by a huge network of teachers and students past and present. I wanted to be really really good at what I do, and not just what every other drama school graduate can do. I wanted to just do the job in front of me and I wanted to do it all a bit differently.

Megan Jenkins (2014)

I chose The MTA because they really took the time to get know me before I’d even started the course, and that was the perfect indication for the next two years of training.143


Having been on the drama school audition circuit for 3 years, I always wondered what I would do if I got excepted on to more than one drama school course. How would I choose? The advice I was given was to go with your gut instinct. I didn’t know what this meant until I attended the audition at the MTA (after already excepting a place at another drama school). I knew that The MTA was the place for me, and ever since that day I have never had any regrets about where I have trained. I am proud to be part of the MTA family ?

Jessica West (2014)

The MTA  ask you to bring a Hard working mentality , Dedication and Passion while giving you a strong base to start your career  as well as a family that will give you a lifetime of support no matter where your life takes you and I wouldn’t change anything about my two years  there for the world 

Genevieve Taylor (2015)

I’d been told by various different people that you will just get a feel for a college when you go there and I only fully understood that when I wen to my MTA audition. Form the pictures of all the ambassadors up on the walls to then seeing some of those familiar faces come and welcome you and make sure you are okay in your lunch hour, the sense of family was overwhelming. That was a massive selling point for me; that it’s a small college with a capped number of people per year group meaning that I wasn’t going to get lost and spend my time fighting for a look in.  The individual attention per student is astonishing and, after speaking to lots of my other friends at different colleges, far more than any other college out there.  Saying that, it does mean you can’t get away with not working to your maximum potential for the two years training . . . something I wouldn’t have minded during a particularly hard dance class!!
The opportunities that are given to you to build your CV whilst still in training (and after you’ve graduated I might add) are a massive bonus and a privilege that Annemarie and the rest of the faculty work tirelessly for us to be able to have.
Whilst I could gush on about various statistics, I think a really important point I should mention is the fact that pastoral care is valued so highly.  This industry is both HARD and so special at the same time and to go into it you need to be so secure in who you are, your casting and know you’ve got thick skin to match.  That doesn’t always happen by itself but the support for you at MTA is unparalleled from the minute you start and continues throughout your entire journey as a performer. That is why it’s a college for life and it’s one of the many things that make MTA such a special place to be.

Georgie Montgomery (2015)

I chose the MTA because as soon as I walked through the door it felt like home, little did I know that I was going to gain a home for life and an incredible family to go with it.  I am forever grateful for what I have learned, experienced and achieved whilst being at the MTA and out in the industry because of them and I truly would not be the person I am today without the guidance of my incredibly talented teachers and the help of my classmates. I am so proud to be an ambassador of the MTA, because I know I am privileged to have gone to this special place

Linda Fitzgerald (2016)

As cliché as it may sound, The MTA Way is not just how you study, it does become a way of life. I feel extremely lucky to have studied somewhere where from the get go (audition day) you are looked at as a person and not just as a number. Throughout the course you gain so much more than incredible technical studies, you learn about you as a person (warts and all) and how to be the best ‘you’ you can be.